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October 5th 2002, 09:22 AM
Noble Male United Kingdom

: a small bug I think, also, if you ask the lady to teach you a song again (I thought maybe she would teach me a different one, and asked again), the option to sing goes away so I had to restart to get it back  I was glad it was a short game lol.  and yes I *did* enjoy playing it anyway, I love all these dmods!

: I'm still curious tho, is there magic in the game?  (I never found any), and where was the diamond mine?  (guessing it's where "my mother ha ha" was?)

There is no magic in the game sadly, and as for the diamond mine, it's not much of a mine!! It's to the south-east of the island, and has a few goblins lurking around it. It's more a pit with blue stones in then a mine

: Where is this cloud castle?  I'm playing all the new releases I've missed, and haven't come across that one yet.  

Cloud Castle is not very new, but it's a MUCH better d-mod that I made in conjunction with my brother Arik. It's a lot bigger, funnier, cooler and MUCH harder!! In fact, I think most people had to cheat to beat the end boss...*SIGH*.

But please try'll be pleasently surprised I think!