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March 10th, 03:16 AM
Jester Male Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
I would just like to say.
I have fixed all the bugs, and thoroughly tested it, and can not find a single bug, even if I deliberately try to do stupid things with this system. So that's good.

The reason I haven't released it yet is because, I'm now implementing the DinkHD, Mobile device, and gamepad compatibility.
And also I have scripted a way to enable an optional "collision system", so when pushing and pulling an object around, rather than the object stopping at hardness based on it's depth dot (which means you can mash objects together), it will stop when it's hardbox edge meets another. It's a work in progress, and by that I mean, it is currently implemented, I'm just seeing if their is any bugs I can find before I release it.

Also, going to include a tutorial video on how to implement, and an option to enable "T-Mod" mode in game, so you can see how things work in the Dmod.

Waiting til this is all done, rather than just releasing the bugfixed version, so Redink can just do 1 epic news update I guess. Then if any other little bugs pop up, I'll address them.

This is now a 17 script system, but still extremely easy to implement, with only 1 of those scripts having to be attached to a sprite to make it moveable, and nothing else required, any editing of any procedures in that sprite is also done via that 1 script. It is the only ".c" script, the rest are compressed to make 1.08 run it smoother, and also because there is not need for an author to ever touch them (source ".c" scripts are included in a separate folder).