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May 21st 2018, 01:04 PM
Peasant Male United States bloop
2nd generation. No easy way to be free. 
@ RangerLord
Found a bug. After I go past the secend castle I can't go back to the previous areas (apperatly the game thinks I have not visited castle 2 despite the fact I did and I just passed the original message).
Edit: Seeems this happens after I visit castle 3 but before visiting castle 4.
Hmmm. I cannot reproduce this one in the 1.10 code. Were you using that version when you ran across this issue? If you were using 1.10 code, then can you tell me anything else about what you had done (and not done yet) when you experienced this problem?
Edit 2: Found some wierdness: after freeing the mud people I was still able to go back into the mayor's castle to sleep and even managed to trigger a conversation with the cook.
Okay, assuming that you found this issue in the 1.10 code, I have inserted some post liberation logic into the 1.11 version of doorman.c to take care of that, though I'm pretty certain that this issue was taken care of in another 1.10 DinkC file.

@ twp
Another glitch:
Dink finds the blue stone, but when attempting to close the hiding place, the game freezes. Dink is standing directly on top of the up/down arrows when this occurs.
Okay, since there are no blue stones in this game, I assume you are talking about the purple crystal of clarity. I have disabled touch() in scrthole.c, which should address this issue.