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April 2nd 2018, 03:59 PM
ok, i have been looking these over ... and i recall seeing don't get rid of the ponies ...

i have to ask what is with the ponies ? ... i mean fine i find it rather funny, just wanted to know what your why was ...

and in an unrelated note ..

why the h%ll is it that sometimes when you change hardness it dose the whole d%%n screen .... and other times it's only one tile ....

also .... i wish the dink .c could handle white space . like
say_stop( "some text" )

and i am making no promises but i will probably make at least a small dmod out of one of these ... or use all of them .... i really don't want to build a map .... so don't expect much in the map creativity department .... should make up for it with story ..

and as a note i fixed the ship bug not really a bug i guess ... it was an order issue ..... which made no sense ,,,, but there you have it ...