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2018-04-08 10:26:26
@yeoldetoast .. ya thanks i thought of that before i tried, knew that the dink.ini controlled all the graphics ... i was using maps with more or less the same graphic bases ..

@shevek -- ya well i'm not a programmer of that calibre yet .. i mean i could read the file in, and do things to it .... but not skilled enough to do my own formats ..

just picked up c++ from bash and very minimal pascal - asm ... so while i understand program structure and can read most things in not always sure about how do do thing my self ... using dinkc to keep me entertained while learning .... just wish dinkc had some "for" "while" stuff... if if if goto ... lol ahahaaaa .. it is however helping to make my code easier to read .. in the dinkc restrictions ..... i mean my c++ is easy to read already .... but dinkc has issues with how i place white space .. I like doing ( "" )
[ s ] and dinkc just skips over that ... so have to (" like this ") | ("this") .. i do that because of bash i think ...

if [ -r /somefile ]; then --- there is also a space after if