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September 18th 2017, 05:38 AM
Jester Male Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
This is a Let's Play of Cast Awakening part 1: Initiation and to help me with Commentary and to give some interesting facts about the ideas behind this Dmod is our King: Redink1.
Link to the channel with all the videos: DinkSmallwoodPT

-Cast Awakening part 1: Initiation-
part 1 - The Beginning!
The adventure begins! Dink is offered an exciting opportunity that ends up being a trap by the evil cast knights. We escape their grips, but we are far underground.. time to explore this place..
The Beginning!

part 2 - The Mines
In this part we explore the mines and see if we can find some useful items..
The Mines

part 3 - The Mad Lab
In this part we start to progress our way through the caves... Let's see what strange things await us in The Mad Lab
The Mad Lab

part 4 - Tantrum the Rabbit
Let's continue onward and meet Tantrum the Rabbit!
Tantrum the Rabbit

part 5 - Recreation Room
This time we finish up with the Mad Lab and enter the Recreation Area
Recreation Room

part 6 - Acquiring magic!
Let's go delve into the knowledge of magic..
Acquiring magic!

part 7 - Death Cave
Now, we enter the death cave and fight hordes of enemies to obtain the green key.
Death Cave

part 8 - Dink Dink Revolution
Let's dance..
Dink Dink Revolution

part 9 - Enter the Dormitories
It's time to go up to the next level.. and acquire a new spell!
Enter the Dormitories

part 10 - The Battle Path
In this part we battle our way through hordes of monsters in the dormitories
The Battle Path

part 11 - Ending Number One
In this part we will show one way of finishing the game, this is Ending Number One.
Ending Number One

part 12 - The Quest for Cheese?
In this part we find some cheese, cure a hangover and become psychic.. you know, just an average day in the life of Dink Smallwood..
The Quest for Cheese?

part 13 - The Necromancer
Let's see what other usable food we can find
Also, we show the trick to beating the nearly impossible Necromancer fight!

The Necromancer

part 14 - Ending Number Two
In this part we show another way of finishing the game, this is Ending Number Two
Ending Number Two

part 15 - The Puzzle Path
Let's try out the puzzle path in the dormitories. We also find a secret that lets us turn out the lights in the entire dungeon.
The Puzzle Path

part 16 - Quest for the Fire Sword
Time to enter the land of frustration and annoying fish who ruin Christmas.
Quest for the Fire Sword

part 17 - Fire Sword Obtained!
After many battles, we finally obtain the weapon that will lead to our victory, the Fire Sword
Fire Sword Obtained

part 18 - Ending Number Three
In this part we show another way of finishing the game, this is Ending Number Three
Ending Number Three

part 19 - Ending Number Four
In this part we show another way of finishing the game, this is Ending Number Four
Ending Number Four

part 20 - All Weapon Obtained
In this part we collect all the possible weapons in this Dmod
All Weapons Obtained

part 21 - Secret Good Ending
Time for the bonus video: We start a new game and beat the game using a shortcut. No Level ups,
and we get the good ending.

Secret Good Ending