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September 10th 2017, 05:30 AM
That's because most of the games don't have modding tools or just are not straight up moddable.

Not exactly. Check out Half-life 1 mod page (or Counter strike plugins). People done some really freaky stuff with that game, and it's a 3D game. You need a whole team of mappers, coders 'n such to make mods for it. Even then, some guys make the whole mode alone.

Age of empires 2 has some really cool mods, and although the editor is simple, they went as far as creating scripts for the custom AI behavior. Few of those guys are now making official expansions.

I have few more examples, but most of those games date before year 2000. Dink editor is just fine. The only complaint I have is the damn hardness editor. Scripting may seem daunting task here, but really, it's not like you have to learn C++ or Java (talking about objects mostly). Just how to avoid a few bugs here and there...