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September 6th 2017, 02:17 PM
Peasant Male Poland steam
Everyone should get a pizza for free in each week. 
DinkHD uses OpenGL right? I have been thinking about shaders support for it like the lighting and shadows or change the color and alpha for the sprites (along with changing the overall screen color). Also either PNG or TIFF support, so it'd also use the alpha channel (So we can use both black or white). That would also decrease the size it would take on disk.

Another things worth to mention:
* Add the 4:3 aspect ratio mode, some people don't like how it's horizontally stretched to fit the 16:9 aspect ratio and hey, that would also help for mobile phones.
* Borderless support for a faster switch between windows on PC.
* Changing MIDI outputs.
* HRTF feature from OpenAL Soft for 3D sound.
* Optional but, marking an area to execute a script without relying on sprites. (So you don't have waste some maximum sprite limit in a screen)
* Switch to SDL2, if possible. (That may also make porting it on Linux and Mac much easier and hey, the gamepad will also work on it)
* On PC: List all available resolutions and switch between them.
* Optional: Release it on Steam and GOG along with classic mode.