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July 20th 2017, 02:17 PM
Peasant He/Him Hungary bloop
The nation above all 
The stone giant with the handle is in the dungeon.
To enter the dungeon you need to talk to to the architect in Middleton.
The holy water can be used during getting the head of the hammer. But it seems you already have that item, so it has no other use.
The Dust of Levitation is supposed to help you escape a trap you can fall into, but it seems it's script is broken.
The duck seems to have no actual use.
I think there's no way to release the monster. But it attacks you through the fence, so it would likely be not a good idea to do that anyway.
You can kill the stone monster near the house if you have high enough stats to defeat it, just like a regular enemy. The balance in this D-Mod sucks, so don't be surprised by that.
The nothern part of the map can be found at a secret area near the magical mud.
The brass flute was in the posession of the two goblins north of the crow sitting on the sign. You can get it if you fight and defeat them instead of remaining hidden.
The monster on the treetop was guarding something, search among the fruit.
I'm not sure if it's even possible get that luck potion. If it is, than I couldn't get it.
Finally, there is no secret city in this D-Mod. The person who posted that thread likely opened the topic for the wrong D-Mod.
Man, I can't belive I replayed that D-Mod just to post this...