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June 16th 2017, 07:23 PM

I would like to submit my votes.

1. 2001: A Bloop Oddyssey. It's tough, but I kind of liked how it is a quality mod, simple and released the same day it was announced.

2. Bloop's Purpoise. Purely redink1's quality. In scripting, humor, clever and funny conversations, not very buggy, good use of music and graphics, and the implementation of fresh and creative ideas in a dink mod, connecting a silly story with the Dink Smallwood universe overall just give it a touch. Not much more that I can say.

3. Another Fish Named Bloop. I liked the humor used here. The little story told here amused me, specially some parts, like the "long, perilous journey", heh. I also liked the use of auto-save to make the story more linear and, at the same time, interactive.
There were a few minor glitches that I didn't like, for example, the escape key to show the menu to close the program doesn't show anything at all, I had to do Alt-Tab then force the exit of the application when I needed, unless I finished the whole game in one session; when finishing a conversation with a NPC, the first say_stop() of the next one shows up, but probably it was designed like that.