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June 13th 2017, 02:53 AM
Peasant Male Equatorial Guinea xbox steam duck bloop
can't flim flam the glim glam 
i'll do this to look cool and special and less lame by a small bit.

1: Bloop's Purpoise. i mean obviously. redink1's got some kind of impossible understanding of dinkC. probably some forgotten secrets learned in another dimension yet those same rules apply to our dimension due to the paradoxal energies attached to redink1's hands. so, while redink1 can apply weird shit to dmods, we can't unless we undergo the same dimensional transference he did. and even then, it's probably tough to survive such a way of travelling.

2:Another Fish Names Bloop. i guess. so it was kinda annoying figuring out what to do and the barrel dood took hours to move bloop over between the ponds. but there was a creepy vibe to it that disrupted my chakras, so i had to perform a little bit of a spiritual cleansing to avoid being confronted by my own delusion-visage and being thrust into an unwinnable battle of darkness.

3: 2001: A Bloop Odyssey. man, fix this game. the sheer speed and ghost like powers of the worms makes it more about randomness and luck than skill. at first the problem is how slow you are and kinda having to stay near the bubble. then the problem is too many worms spawning in walls and being impossible to chomp. then, spikey dudes blocking you from picking them up too. i had to file a complaint to the BBB and now skull's company is in dire straits. soon, i will scoop up the remains of the company and design 2002: A Bloop Odyssey. i will then sell off the company for billions in order to fund my interdimensional project to gain the same powers redink1 has.