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April 8th 2017, 06:03 AM
Peasant Male France
(grmbl, this was validated a week ago, I gotta do everything here, even the news annoucements XD)

FreeDink-data is a version of the original game that can be freely redistributed and modified, including in GNU/Linux distributions and at the Dink Network.
This is not the complete original game because Seth could not allow redistribution of the sounds & music that he did now own.

Since the last upload here, we've got:

Sound replacements

New bhit.wav, grunt1.wav, grunt2.wav, punch.wav, swing.wav; improved sword2.wav (thanks Petteri Tolonen)
New open.wav (thanks Iwan Gabovitch)
New lovin.ogg by gachopin (thanks Digvijay for pointing the CC BY version)
New sel1.wav (Bark K.) and stairs.wav (Bas Wijnen)


Esperanto translation (thanks Felipe Castro)
Finnish translation (thanks Petteri Tolonen)
Partial Croatian translation (thanks Tomislav Krznar)
Improved Danish translation (thanks Joe Hansen)
Catalan translation (thanks Ŕngel Mompó Llovet)
Hungarian translation (thanks Úr Balázs)
Improved Spanish translation (thanks Benno Schulenberg)
Swedish translation (thanks Josef Andersson)
Improved German translation (thanks Helmar Gerloni and Roland Illig)

Translations require the FreeDink engine. FreeDink automatically selects the current language, and they can also be selected from the DFArc3 front-end.

I wish to thank everybody who contributed!


FreeDink data
FreeDink data source files (e.g. to modify/improve the new songs)