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July 23rd 2003, 06:01 PM
Tal and I (well, mostly Tal) played through it last night, and I noticed a few bugs.
- On one or two of the screens to the south (bordered by bushes), all the bushes turn into boncas upon entering the screen.
- At the store place north of the starting point, only one thing can be purchased... you can't get fire arts, water arts, *and* axe throwing. We were only able to get axe throwing, and then the people selling the water and fire arts insisted we had already purchased them.
- Not really a bug, just a general complaint: too easy. With four megapotions right at the beginning and more scattered throughout, there's very little sense in actually making an attempt to level up and build Dink up. Also, rather than having several little piles of 500 gold scattered about above the weapons place, you should probably have some kind of sidequest to get gold.
- Another general complaint. Dink doesn't start out with fists... this is problematic if you actually want to level him up or make him able to kill things without having to buy expensive weapons/ spells/ whatevers.
- Boncas walk on from offscreen in the lower portion of the map.

Oh, one last thing... did you test this out yourself? And did you have it betatested? I think you should take the time to actually give it a thorough testing before you release it, and give someone else a chance to test it as well, otherwise you'll end up releasing a fairly buggyish dmod.