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February 17th 2013, 11:09 AM
Don't underestimate how much your script total will still inflate once you add those fluff scripts

I'm trying not to.

My guess is 500-600, and less than a megabyte, since the fluff scripts will not be very big. But I guess I'll see how that turns out.

Edit: And yeah, HH2 is quite the script giant. 993 kb with 772 scripts is a lot! Although, I think some of the scripts could have been combined to lower the count (mostly the magerock scripts come to mind, seeing as there are fifteen of them but I'm not sure why). I'm combining scripts as much as I can without making code hard to read, like changing text depending on which screen a character is on instead of using a new script for a new screen. It's certainly not important though, just something I like to do because it's easier for me.