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October 20th 2011, 01:06 AM
Peasant Female New Zealand
Tag - Umm.. tag, you're it? 
A Simple Quest (ASQ-Working title)

Time to get this finished since I started it before Furball (so thats 2+ years ago)!
Thought if I did a preview thread I would actually be shamed into finishing this one

Story = Dinks friend lost her parents and because of his male ego hes talked into looking for them, but of course its harder than he imagined. He has to feed the village folk, hunt a dragon and steal its eggs, comes across an annoying little girl, an enchanted sack, a grumpy old man with psychological er issues shall we say and has to briefly go through a corner of the underworld to help him on his way... wonder if he will actually find her parents in the end... oh what will become of him - poor wee DINK !

I have deleted over half the map (for a second time heh)
Am condensing the areas so there is less walking for miles and more story and things to do (hopefully)and moving things closer with less blank screens to just walk through.
Mapping is 3/4 done (more to delete yet and some to rearrange)
First area totally finished (includes being scripted) and working fine, now to progress to the rest.

A *special* sequence started but still to be completed (no hints for that )

Other new graphics/sequences (minor). New mossy rocks and trees, eyes that blink when you walk thru a cave, added tiles for the mud flats and so on, LOTS left to do but this is supposed to encourage me not overwhelming me with whats left to do!

Sneaky Peak Some may have seen these before... but well just dont look if it troubles you

Gypsy Village

Mud Flats

Spooky Mine

New Monster using all dink sprites

New town