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August 5th 2010, 04:13 PM
Ghost They/Them
You FINISHED this??? How do you get past the 'parole' guy?
To answer at least a couple of your queries - in the Northern section, way off to the right is a place with a bunch of red-headed vikings guarding a cave - in the cave is a chest with the key in it - for all the good that does you as there's nothing in the house but a dead goblin who doesn't have the waraxe.
The pirate puzzle CAN be done but it's far from easy and took me multiple tries - what you are looking to get is 4 on your last try which leaves him 1. I don't know if it was just luck, but I beat him 2ce. I had to because the first time I had broken all the barrels and found out he charged an exorbitant price for the one lonely barrel (5K) as opposed to the 500 golds if you don't break all the barrels. And his barrel is the one you need for the mixing station - be cautious at the station, talk about the barrels before you set them down or you get a sort of freeze that causes the 'mixing' to happen without a list of how you want to mix. I got frozen many, many times all through the game, but I agree it's a lotta fun. Oh, and is there a brass whistle somewhere for that last dragon? Which I can't kill.....