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August 4th 2010, 10:53 PM
First, let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed this d-mod. It was excellently made, with plenty of new graphics. I was able to finish the game, and thought it was well done. I plan to write a review for this dmod, but before I do, I have several questions.

First, I felt like either I was "missing" a lot of subplots and side-quests, or that I simply failed to find the stuff, despite searching through the whole map multiple times. Here are a couple of examples.

-Where, or is there, a key for that house up on the northwest corner of the map? If so, where can I find the key?
-I found the 3-liter barrel, but what about the 4-liter and the 5-liter barrel? These are supposed to go with the baker.
-Many of the houses I couldn't enter. Are they really just supposed to be decoration? Or are you supposed to be able to enter them somehow?
-I found the map for the northern part of the forest, however, is there a map for the southern part of the forest?
-I can't figure out the puzzle after you enter the secret in the waterfalls. Hints, please?
-The Pirates: Is there any way to actually beat the pirate in his little game? If so, how? I tried multiple times and could not do it. Also, what's the deal with the pirate and all his barrels? There is one barrel that I cannot smash.

Bugs (or perceived bugs):
-After you kill a normal enemy (like the spiders), they never respawn or reappear. Is this intentional? I hope not, because I would like to be able to go back and kill them all again for the gold. Nor would it truly be a forest of doom is Dink kills off all the bad guys. This is the only major flaw I found.

-Is there anyway to make this file size smaller or compress it? Often times, I would walk onto a screen and it would take some time to load. I realize you got a lot of scripts going on, but I don't think that it should take that long for the next screen to load, even if that screen has a special script attached to it.

Again, it was a great dmod. Thanks!