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July 17th 2009, 12:19 AM
Jester Male Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
Ok, so let's get on with it:
You play as Dink, in the town of Dalloway.
Shortly after arriving in Dalloway, you find out that people have been disappearing from the village. This causes panic amongst the townspeople and they start to fear that they are all in danger, so the King of Dalloway asks Dink to investigate the disappearances and if he can restore peace to Dalloway, he will be greatly rewarded. However, Dink is yet to find out that these disappearances are nothing compared to what is really going on....

Will include:
-Some new scripting ideas that haven't been done before.
-Some new graphics, most of which are not animated, as I suck at making new graphics.
-New spells
-Lots of side quests that the player can find. Completion of certain side quests can change later quests in the game.

Also, some parts include stealth, kind of like in Redink1's Dmod initiation, except I wanted to improve on it, and I have.
I had to re-script the whole thing to get it working the way I wanted, it now includes more stuff:
-You now have to 'creep' past guards when walking near them, or they can hear you.
-It is possible to distract guards, by creating a decoy, example - making noise at another place to make them run over there.
-If you can creep up behind a guard without being seen, you can kill them instantly by hitting them in the back with a sharp, handheld weapon.

Release date is still unknown, as I work on it on and off.
Sometimes I go a few weeks without even touching it.

Other random information that may interest you:
Size: Epic
Number of (working) scripts so far: 616

Screenshots so far
Some may say that too many screenshots ruin the Dmod. That is true in most cases, however I am not posting any screenshots that give away the 'main' storyline, and I am not showing the best screens. Also, most of the screens I show are not complete. The screens you see below will almost always end up different to the way you see them at the time they are posted, as I will usually add to them or change them.
I deleted some screenshots because they are no longer correct, they have either been changed a lot, or deleted and remade.
Outside the castle
East of the castle
In village
Dalloway Bar
Dead end
Helping someone escape
Night-time 1
Night-time 2

EDIT (2018):
Other (old) screenshots that I must never have uploaded or didn't link in this post:
Wizard Gildon's Home
Interesting Collection
Random screen
Town Water Supply
Outside the bar
Help a prisoner escape

New status bar and inventory:
Status bar(in-game)