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SCP-1997 Dink Smallwood

July 15th, 06:35 AM
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Item #: SCP-1997

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-1997 is to be kept locked in a 20cmx20cm zip-locked bag in the "Archives" section of block building 3, section "Software", column "1997". SCP-1997 is not to be removed from its location without Level 4 clearance. When handling SCP-1997, surgical gloves MUST BE WORN. Any computer capable of reading SCP-1997's contents must be destroyed after testing, including it's peripherals. Insertion of SCP-1997 into a computer with an internet connection is strictly prohibited. The computer must be connected to an electric generator that is to be disposed of after testing. Connection to an outlet is strictly prohibited.


SCP-1997 is a compact-disc 120mm in diameter containing a video game called "Dink Smallwood" seemingly released under R■■■■■■■ Technologies (RTSoft) in the year 1997. The disc features an image on one side: the name "Dink Smallwood" in Magic Cards font set against a wooden background.

SCP-1997's contents are as follows:
- "develop" folder. Contains various resources that aid in creating DMODs*
- "dink" folder. Contains various assets such as scripts, graphics and audio.
- "island" folder. A mediocre DMOD example.
- cd.dat file. File containing CD information.
- DFArc.exe. Launcher software for DMODs.
- dink.exe. Game executable.
- dinkedit.exe. Editor software used for creating DMODs.
- a number of internet shortcuts leading to pages related to the game and it's developer. NOTE: shortcuts appear to be loading their respective websites without any internet connection.
- quotes.exe. Contains various notable quotes mentioned by the developer and his team during SCP 1997's development. NOTE: When asked about this file, Mr. R■■■■■■■ said he has no recollection of said quotes. (Addendum 1997-R-1)
- Readme.txt. Contains technical information as well as information regarding the license. NOTE: There has never been any "Dink Smallwood" trademark registered under RTSoft Inc. During the interview, Mr. R■■■■■■■ stressed that the game never got released to the public as development was never completed. (Addendum 1997-R-1)
- whatsnew.txt. Contains information regarding the game's previous versions (current version 1.08). NOTE: Extensive research reveals that none of the bugfixes mentioned in the file are present in the game.
- Uninstall.exe. Doesn't appear to run any script at all.

Subjects tasked with launching "dink.exe" immediately enter a state of reduced awareness. The entire body is inactive except for the arms. Both the left and right hand seem to find their way to the keyboard and mouse while the subjects otherwise present no heartbeat and no brain activity. After physical contact (protected or unprotected) is made with the computer while the executable is running, the subject becomes impossible to disconnect from the peripherals without completely severing the limbs. Biological samples collected by Dr. L■■■■ (■■/■■/20■■ ) reveal that instant fusing happens at a microscopic level, at which point the computer's mouse and keyboard become part of the subject's hand biology. Separating the arms from the subject doesn't wield any change, as they will continue to play the video game on their own until the point of completion.

Subjects who launch "dinkedit.exe" suffer a fatal heart attack, after which a new folder appears in the CD's file structure bearing the person's name. It's contents are that of a dmod which can be played in the same manner as the original game. (Addendum 1997-D-1)

*A DMOD is a player-generated game that runs on the original game's engine.

Additional Documents:

- Addendum 1997-R-1 (UNAVAILABLE - under editing)
- Addendum 1997-D-1 (UNAVAILABLE - under editing)
- SCP-1997-1 (UNAVAILABLE - under research)
July 15th, 07:09 PM
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i was under the impression using dinkedit would yield that result with or without a supernatural cause. i will need to bring up a few concerns i have with the overseer.