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Guide/Walkthrough - Beat Dink Nukem Without Cheats !

Dink Nukem - Darkland F**d Up!

March 10th 2019, 01:40 AM
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Guide: Beat Dink Nukem Without Cheats
(Strategy Guide / Walkthrough)

Duke Nukem 3D was all about getting the best arsenal and strategy to beat mega bosses. We can capture that feeling here !! I finished without cheats and feeling pretty confident toward the DMOD's funny ending. These tips should help you do the same.

> Attack Strategies <

-- You can neutralize an enemy shot by firing at it.
-- You can stun an enemy, preventing them from firing for a few seconds when attacking them. This is helpful for the Overlord and Pig Cops

#1: Make Them Miss:
The Number One strategy to use when fighting any enemy in this game is place Dink Nukem (DN) so his feet are slightly higher than the feet of the enemy. If done correctly, the enemy will fire horizontally at you, and it will harmlessly go under your feet. Generally, I will pass over them and try to stay in the same horizontal level. The enemys' body damage is generally low; about 1 HP

Fight Horizontal Groups:
If done correctly, most enemy fire will hurt enemies and stop with them too ! Also, you can blast away at them horizontally, making short work of the crowd. Most enemies in this DMOD are in groups. You can lure them to line up horizontally by keeping mostly in the same horizontal line and going back and fourth through the crowd horizontally. Just remember to keep your feet slightly above theirs so they'll miss you, and beware of enemy deadly diagonal fire.

> Walkthrough <

Use Levels for Defense:
Whenever you level up, be sure to select defense as your attribute. The game will award you 15+ Attack through pickups and a stronger weapon, but you will need the defense to get through the upcoming Pig Cop segment. I had 6 Defense before I reached them and 17 Attack. Also, I did not spend any time grinding more than required enemies because they don't provide that much XP and there are very few health packs, no enemy health drops, and no unlimited health refill supplies (sorry; no dinking fountains).

I would skip the boncas; just walk right past them. They are hard to kill and do a lot of damage to DN at this point.

Next up are small crowds of Batlelords. Make them miss as described above, and watch out for deadly diagonal fire, as they start rather spread out.

In the center room (Where you can head any direction), you will face 5 Battlelords at once. Make sure to fight them in horizontal groups as described above. It makes short work of them with a lot of XP.

Next, I go North to get my chaingun. East is OP Pig Cops and certain doom, and South is a single Atk stat boost, which means respawnig the 5 battlelords you just defeated on the way back.

Up north is a simple table maze. Just zig zag thru the pattern, and fight the Battlelords as before on the other side.

Further North is the Overlord boss. He has more HP, is faster, and hits harder than anything else we've seen. Just use the same strategies and be patient. Also, you may want to horizontally cross his path a short distance and keep firing to keep him stunned. If he gets you with any diagonal shots, they hurt a lot.

When you beat him, you get the chaingun ! This increases Atk power, rate of fire, and fires two rounds at once ! But be sure to keep making your enemies miss. Don't worry too much about landing both of your shots. Defense is priority one with limited health refills.

One more screen north is +6 Atk boosts and a full health refill.

Further North are waves of Overlords. There is no reward but XP, and it is highly unlikely you would survive with your life gauge in tact. Skip it unless you want the fight of your life.

Instead, go on back south and mow down those Batellords with your new superpowers.

Optionally, head South to get your +1 Atk Boost. If you go here, drop down and rush to pickup the boost. Don't worry about fighting the Battlelords here. There is no reward but XP and the screen doesn't unlock when you finish them. Also, you don't have to endanger those poor women strolling thru the battlefield like la la la !! Just get the boost and jump back into the hole. You will need to fight the 5 battlelords again, which I did, leading me to Lv 4: 17 Atk / 6 Def.

Eastward we have Pig Cops. Same strategies except they fire faster, harder, with more HP and smaller hitboxes. Use the same strategies, and be sure to make them miss. They take a lot of firing to take down, so consider these first two mini bosses.

Eastward, we have a cave made stocked with 4 Pigs. What I did here is rushed past them and placed myself at the far right, and fired continuously to the left. The Pigs mostly killed eachother trying to get me, and I was able to neutralize their fire that reached by me. After they quit killing eachother, there was only one left for me to deal with.

Congratulations, you made it through the hardest parts of the DMOD !

Eastward we have a portal to a realm with the final battle tower. Be sure to pickup the vest which holds a full life refill and Def stat boosts.

In the tower, we have more pigs, but more room to fight them horizontally. Let them mostly kill eachother while making them miss and after a couple of waves, you get another lovely vest with full heal and def and a save point.

I won't spoil the dramatic twist ending ! But I will say, the final boss is generally an easier version of the Overlord we fought earlier. Also, when you beat it, try to stop firing, because DN will say something at the end, and tapping fire will clear it before you read it. Also, there is no escaping the boss room. You are trapped there for eternity, listening to some sweet boss music !

Thanks for reading my first Walkthrough ! Admins, thank you so much for maintaining this site for around 20 years ! If I did anything wrong in submitting this walkthru, let me know, and I'll work to be a better community member. I am a Duke fan, and sadly, this is the only Duke game I have on my iPhone except Manhattan Project, so I had to try to like it! I made this walkthru because most reviewers felt it couldn't be beaten without cheats. I hope you will have as much fun with it as I did once you get your Chaingun of Steel !!
March 10th 2019, 01:58 AM
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Damn, a fully fledged walkthrough! It's good to see a new member so eager to get involved in the Dink universe. Good job!
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