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Screen Sprite Limit

March 8th, 11:21 PM
Jester Male Australia
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One aspect in dmoddiing I'd like clarification on if anyone knows, just for curiosity purposes.
The 99 sprite limit on a screen, do all sprites count towards it? (background sprites for example.
Also, is the limit a maximum for editor placed sprites only? If you fill a screen up with 99 sprites, and one of them has a script which creates another sprite, does it not appear, or does it not count towards the limit?

Anyone that knows please enlighten me.
March 9th, 02:34 AM
Bard Male Finland bloop
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The 99 sprite limit is only in the editor. Background sprites count towards it, but they shouldn't count towards the actual sprite limit because the engine draws them as part of the screen rather than as sprites. (For the same reason you can't select background sprites via script.) The actual sprite limit was 200, IIRC. After that, new sprites just won't appear.

March 9th, 04:35 PM
King Male United States xbox steam bloop
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I just checked, and it looks like the 'active' sprite limit is 300 (according to both the DinkC Reference and the DinkHD source code).

Sadly, in DinkHD, background sprites are rendered in a separate system, and are limited to 300 (on Windows) and 200 (on other platforms).
March 9th, 05:21 PM
Peasant Female New Zealand
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What i do to get past the limit (it wont let me add more after 100) is to put the item i am making together and screen shot and add as a new sprite which drops it back to 1. Case in point - I made some graves for ASQ then i added bonka dung, grass, bones and so on - as there is more than one grave in this screen it had used over the limit (i cant help myself i like it decorated!) so i reduced it all by making each one new sprite... Geesh wish we could just post pics here lol...
a dinky grave
So thats one work around i found i used a lot

March 9th, 06:09 PM
Jester Male Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
Fair enough, and since the upper limit is higher, I suppose another way if you wanted more than 100 is just attach a script that creates the rest of the sprites on screen entry, since the upper limit is more.

I like the screenshot idea too.