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Rise of the Goblins (The)

The goblins, just before their rise. From the COTPATD project.
A quick journey to collect some money, which soon turns into a mission to save two kingdoms from evil goblins.

NOTE: Sometimes, when you go from screen to another, the screen changing looks odd. Just save, quit, and then load the save again, and everything will look normal again.
Released:October 7th, 2007
File Size:4.83 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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December 16th, 2007
Score : 7.1 good
Bard He/Him Netherlands
I object 
After releasing about half a dozen really bad DMODs I had little faith in the legend factory's ability to create anything worthwhile. So I started up the DMOD with low expectations, but it pleasantly surprised me. For a start, it is not to short. In fact it keeps you playing for about an hour.

The story is about a predicted goblin leader who will lead a rebellion against the humans. You play Dink Smallwood and you have to stop him. This seemingly really boring plot actually is well thought of and has a few interesting twists. Though the story is still told way to quickly. It would have been more suited for an epic than a one hour quest. This plot is primarily driven by the many long cutscenes that this DMOD has. In fact this DMOD leans more on cutscenes than any DMOD I have played before. (Except maybe ABCDEF... but that's a story on its own...)

The main problem with these cutscenes is that they are really the only thing that drives the story. In short you only play occasionally to beat another endboss standing between you and another cutscene. During the short periods between cutscenes your primary tasks are fighting and collecting power-ups. This DMOD doesn't really require much brainpower.

The bosses you are going to beat have a pretty straightforward design. They are just the familiar ones made faster. Normally I wouldn't bother that much, but since fighting is the primary activity in this DMOD it is a bit boring. Especially as fighting these enemies seems to involve a lot of luck.

On the positive side this DMOD doesn't have many bugs. There is a really annoying one already mentioned in the readme, but besides that I haven't encountered many bugs. The quality of the cutscenes is good, though there are a few spelling/grammar errors.

All in all, I quite enjoyed this DMOD. So if you're looking for a quest with a lot of storytelling this may just be the DMOD for you.
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