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The Store Slaughter
May 12th, 2013
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant She/Her Australia rumble
People get the most twisted ideas randomly. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's director, for example, got the idea of a chainsaw as a weapon while wanting to rush his way through a crowd. Of course, playing such games as Dink Smallwood means that Dinkers' ideas are more twisted than usual, and Paul Pliska's Mayhem is proof of that.

What happens when the people of a kingdom protest having to give all but a few dimes of their earning in taxes? Anything but justice. Hey, you're the bad guy. You're not supposed to help those peasants. You're supposed to kill everyone you see and get back into the castle before time runs out - yes, there is a time limit; it depends on the midi you choose at the title screen. I enjoyed the We Will Rock You midi. Mummer's Dance is the longest at six minutes, so it allows for the most destruction.

The title screen is well-made; you can mouse over a person to get info on them such as how many points you get for killing them. Dink Smallwood and the Golden Knight are there to try to kill you. They appear randomly if you get a little too happy in beating up a pedestrian. Dink can't be killed, so when you see him you better scram!

You can also get points by destroying objects in the environment, and you'll want to play more than once since there is always something you haven't destroyed or killed yet. The only thing to complain about is that when you open the inventory, the timer stops but the music keeps on playing which causes the midi to end prematurely.

It's a short D-Mod, but it's a very entertaining one and it's the kind that meant to be played over and over again.