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July 25th, 2004
Score : 9.3 exceptional
A true piece of quality entertainment! Nothing but fast-paced arcade mayhem, good for honing your Dink skills. Oh yeah, some other reviewers did not notice that your points are recorded in the experience counter. So you CAN see your score if you die!

Style: 9
The intro screen was impressive, and there was a general sense of... mayhem to the game, largely created by the sounds and effects (breaking windows, burning houses). I don't know how it could have been better in this respect, but some places were a little sterile, and the midis hardly fit. The map was nicely filled, it just lacked character in some places.

Gameplay: 10
Really an 11. Classic Dink hack and slash, coupled with a good deal of strategy in terms of enemy selection. Also some neat tactics (explosive barrels, fireballing torches). Just amazingly fun.

Story: 9
Hey, the story doesn't tangle the gameplay. Paul's blurb, though mildly confusing, is about all you need. A good story would definitely drag this game down, because you'd end up caring about completing the story instead of getting a good score.

Overall: 9.3
Basically a must-download. It doesn't quite have the replay value you'd expect, but it is still tremendously entertaining.