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May 12th, 2004
Score : 8.0 good
Hmm for some reason I never downloaded any of the Evil Hero d-mods So i passed this dmod up. I saw a screen shot of it today and clicked on it cause it looked sweet. After unzipping it and starting it up I was already amazed by how awesomely well done the Title screen was. Way more orginal than your average one.
The Dmod its self is not your standard dmod. It is hardcore arcade style. This is great and creates a truly unique dmod atmosphere. It is quite addictive trying to destroy as much stuff as you can with in the time limit. The mapping for this dmod is amazing. It packs so much detail in to a limtied amount of space. It is loaded with tons of new eddited graphics which look awesome, i had to stop killing stuff to check out sprites in the background. The music in the game is set to fit with the time constraint you get when you play, i wish there would have been some better songs.
With all this awesomeness packed in to one dmod its a shame that I have to write this next part. The dmod has no real sense of fulfillment. By this I mean you start it up and are thrown in to the action and it ends in a blink of an eye. This could be easily solved if a Short intro were added to get a little background info on why you are destroying everything or who the black knight is. Also it is not very rewarding. If you run out of time, or die, there is no difference from leaving before the time is up, except that then you get to see your score. If some reward system was setup for getting highscores, or doing special stuff in the round (like freeing the boncas, breaking the dink stone, killing the captian, etc). This game would kick alot more ass. So basically this dmod would be flawless and probably one of the best dmods of all time if it had these features: Intro, On screen score, Rewards. Paul if you ever get bored you should think about those.