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Malachi the Jerk

Released:October 6th, 2014
File Size:3.13 MB
Release Notes:This version is compatible with Dink Smallwood HD! This still isn't the way I'd recommend playing the game, as it is less stable and has a minor graphical issue or two, but it should be fully playable now. Big thanks to Vladimir Sotirov, without whom this wouldn't have happened.

Dink Smallwood HD Compatibility Fixes:

When playing in Dink Smallwood HD, a lack of semicolons at the end of goto statments causes them not to work. Vladimir Sotirov noticed this, added semicolons to the relevant scripts himself, and emailed them to me. This fixed nearly all of the countless problems this DMOD had running in Dink HD.

Changed the "skip intro" choice when playing in Dink HD to display faded up, since Dink HD won't display choice menu text while faded down.

Grardie.c: draw_background changed to draw_screen because Dink HD doesn't erase corpses and blood when draw_background is used. Unfortunately, draw_screen would mess up the arena, so you have to deal with corpses remaining there.

Added a 'key-##.c' type script to compensate for the fact that Dink HD uses different keycodes for certain letters.

Other fixes:

Typo fix: from from -> from (dukguy.c)
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Released:September 10th, 2014
File Size:3.13 MB
Release Notes:Features:
Gold count now stops after a short time in ssd.c.

Used add_exp function to award exp for three bosses. Previously, one did not award exp as intended, and the other two did so using a clunky-looking workaround.
Fixed animation on the path to the secret ending that would fail to display correctly and sometimes freeze the game.
Finally fixed bug where Dink's speed would sometimes fail to change properly when entering or leaving the mudwalk.

Minor Fixes:
Typo fix: enabled - enable (outpost.c)
Dink no longer knows about the fences blocking the road in Disappointment when he hasn't actually seen them yet. (This uses a new global, so may not work with old saves.)

Gave the included walkthrough a long-overdue update (it was written before Leprochaun even got his hands on the mod).
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Released:February 14th, 2014
File Size:3.13 MB
Release Notes:This version features some new map detail and scripts by Leprochaun! Some bugs are fixed, some of which never existed in FreeDink. PSA: Use FreeDink, it's better.

added stair on screen 214 with script "z-stair"
added script "z-garden" on screen 216 to garden sprites.
added detail to screens 183, 213, 214, 215, 216, 245, 246, 247, 248, 249, 250, 277, and 309.
added "jukebox" script to well on screen 215
Implemented framerate change in mudwalk (so dink looks like he's walking slowly).
Cut off annoying gold-counting noise during grar.c cutscene after a little while
Updated gossip about the Dink Network.

Fixed bug in conversation if you select "No" after asking to buy an elixir (armando.c).
Fixed ability to get 11th legendary loaf in secret area.
Fixed bug introduced in previous update where some endings would return to the title screen faded down.
fixed darkland torches by adding script "z-torch2"
fixed torches on screen 310 by adding script "z-torch1"
in "colin.c" changed the return in the if(&story > 7) check to a goto unfrz
Finally fixed penultimate boss's weird walk animation that people probably thought was intentional. Geeez.

See changelog.txt for minor fixes.
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Released:February 4th, 2014
File Size:3.13 MB
Release Notes:Features:
Added graphic of logic puzzle hints that can be displayed ingame (suggested by shevek).
Made jukebox well announce itself, and made it continue to play until you leave the area.
grar.c: Added a small hint for the player.
Made Dink actually SIT at the bar during the intro.
Fine, fine, instances of kill_game() have been replaced with restart_game() by popular demand (except the escape menu "quit" option). Go ahead, shatter all my dreams. ;_;

Ghostdie.c crash fix! No longer crashes in Dink Smallwood 1.08 (standard) if you never talk to Rod by the end of the DoP.
Removed ghost knights' ability to walk through hardness, it was causing them to get stuck sometimes =(
Fixed freeze when hitting gardener and well simultaneously.
Fixed shells that would talk to you even when wasps were present.
Added an unfreeze to lraise.c in case you gain a level at the wrong instant while frozen (VERY unlikely, but I had it happen).
Fixed alignment across screens of some sprites in Malachi's house.
Fixed bug where you could generate multiple instances of the secret boss at once.

Also many minor fixes and spelling/typo fixes (see changelog.txt for all).
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Released:February 2nd, 2014
File Size:3.12 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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