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February 12th, 2002
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Hey, it works as advertised. If you're adding new graphics to your d-mod, eventually you're going to run out of space in your Dink.INI file. This utility is the answer. It found room for 50 more lines of info in my Dink.INI, even after I'd done a considerable amount of manual "cleaning" myself.

I found one noteworthy aspect of this utility which wasn't mentioned in the README. If you choose to comment out the extra lines, rather than simply delete them, the file hasn't really been cleaned and you won't have any more space until you either delete the comments or run the file through INIclean again choosing "delete". I don't think that's a bug though, it seems to be a method of double-checking what the utilty is planning on erasing before any serious damage is done.

Good job, Paul!! A tremendous timesaver!!