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Dink Nukem - Darkland F**d Up!

From the COTPATD project.
July 12th, 2006
Score : 6.7 fair
Peasant Male Romania
Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice. 
"Dink nuken - Darkland F*CKED UP!" is, or at least tries to be a 2D shooter that uses the Dink Engine.

Story: 4.0
Quote from dmod.diz: "Mr Nukem hears a girl in trouble, and goes looking for _H_E_R_". This is all the intro you get. You find yourself in the Darklands, with a lot of monsters to kill. Pretty boring.

Gameplay: 10.0
This is something totally new for a DMOD: No fist, no boots, no swords, no spells: just a nice gun, that shoots very fast missiles(and a minigun, that you'll find later in the game). No common enemies, except for some boncas at the begining, which you don't even have to kill. There are 3 types of enemies in this game, all of them shooting missiles at you. They are quite hard to beat, especially without the minigun.

Map & Graphics: 8.0
The map isn't too big, it's poorly decorated and it also has some hardness errors.
There are some new graphics, from the original Duke Nukem game, I think(I haven't played that game, only heard of it, so I don't know for sure). They look really good, except for one thing: they aren't animated.

Style: 5.0
This DMOD had so much potential. A totally new type of gameplay, with totally new weapons and monsters. But this is all of it. All you have to do is walk and kill(and sometimes collect items). The only dialog in this game is at the end boss, when you meet him, and when you're told you finished the game. The shooting enemy scripts were almost too good for this game, at least until I realized they were Paul Pliska's "Enemy Shot Deluxe", which by the way, the author didn't even bother to credit.

Overall: 6.7
Yes, download this DMOD, you might enjoy it, but just don't expect too much.