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Darkspace Derelict

October 31st, 2002
Score : 6.0 fair
Bard Netherlands xbox
Lazy bum 
Here it is, the dmod that I've been waiting for all the time.... UNFINISHED! dang you Eldron. It's still a good download though, despite the fact there's nothing to do. The graphics look GREAT and also the sound (music) rocks.
As a game, this dmod just sucks. But as developmental file, it's REALLY good. Already 2 dmods are being made out of this now at the moment. Very good indeed. I actually wonder why this file isn't 'neglected' .... oh well.

GRAPHICS 9.8: *Almost* perfect. some things are better than perfect (heh) but the 'dude' looks a bit.. empty. Overall really good.
SOUND 9.8: Just like the graphics, *almost* perfect. It sounds just great but a mayor downer is the huge size of wave files instead of midis.
GAMEPLAY 2.0: Close to non-existant. It's nice to walk in that beautiful scenery and all, but ehh... no. No gameplay.
LASTING APPEAL 1.0: Absolutely none. Or maybe 20 seconds.


A very good file alltogether, but as a dmod, it just sucks. It's still a 6 though, because it's just useful to other developers.
Be sure to download it just to hear and see it, it's a great 20 seconds!