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Cloud Castle 2: Scarab

The Cloud Castle series has always been full of bugs.
October 6th, 2004
Score : 9.2 exceptional
Peasant Female Canada
I had a BLAST playing this game.
Things I liked:
I liked the stampeding boncas,people being able to join you,
the cactuses burning ,the music was 'bouncy' and there was
a perfect balance of talking and fighting.The bonca races
and the black bonca spitting stomach acid were cool.I liked
the story of them being stuck in a desert prison and how psychic
energies played a part.I liked how there was a description of the person
you were talking too,it made them more interesting.I also liked
the bookshelves having books I could read,especially the ones on how
to be evil and take over the world.hehe.
Things I didn't like:
The desert paths kinda looked like pink vomit *ugh* and the black boncas
didn't look that good.Though the music was good,it was a lot for my computer
to handle and I occasionaly had a slow motion/slow sound thing happen.
A LOT of the bad guys were really hard and it took me about a week of steady
playing,much more than 5 hours,to get an ending.
And I still say she wouldn't have jumped!

Overall:This game rocked and everybody should check it out.