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Back from the Grave

Dink explores the Forest of the Ancients Dink unleashes the hidden Meteor Storm spell!
July 26th, 2003
Demo v1.11
Score : 9.1 exceptional
Peasant Female Canada
We can out-drink most Americans! 
Back From The Dead (Demo) by Striker.

Dink is having one of those days

The Good: A great Dmod, where Dink returns from the dead, and battles all sorts of monsters, no new ones,(exception: Robots who make a guest appearance) but the old favourtes as he makes his way through graveyard, town, and tunnels to complete his quest. A (not so nifty) Hammer is his only weapon. The midiís were good (bad speakers) and lots of small puzzles and a hidden surprise, made this an interesting dmod. The dialogue was great too. A few small bugs, but none really to complain of.

The Bad: Itís only a DEMO! I was hoping in time that the authorís might finish it, but alas, I think itís not to be. Save bots are few and far between, and no potions (health) can be bought. It can be confusing to those wandering around the tunnel (I didnít mind) and Dinkís weapon looked bigger than him. The secret is well hidden, as I recall when I first played the game and pple emailing me asking how to get the secret.

Overall: A Great Demo, that I wish someone had finished!!