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As Good As Eternity

Massive amounts of gore and ducks
April 30th, 2006
Final+ (Rev 8)
Score : 8.7 good
Peasant He/Him India
As Good as Eternity Final+(Rev 8) by Tyrsis
An epic D-Mod with plenty of pro's and some con's. To start with:

Map: The map is just beautiful, well decorated with sprites with plenty of trees used in a decorative and clever manner. This is a huge plus for AGAE which adds a lot to the overall look of the game. I liked the way turtle lake was made. The tiles, I belive could have been more better.
Score: 9.7

Graphics: Some new graphics such as the piano player and dinker's on their computer. Old ones such as lantern graphics have been used. Rainbow Fireball was cool.

Gameplay: The Gameplay was ok with plenty of fighting to do. Many secrets and other stuff to be found. Thanks to the splendid mapwork I never found walking from screen to screen boring. Some new weapons and spells are available. The storyline is good. I liked the ending and the boss fight was well staged. There were a quite a large amont of hardness errors even in the newer version. That is big downside to the DMod

Sound: The sound is fair. Only once or twice the music really matches with the environment. Some like in the temple is good while at other places it is bad.
Score: 6.5

Overall: A very good D-Mod and if you are searching for some good D-Mods I would recomend you to play this one.