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One of the more appealing screens from Apex. From the COTPATD project. One of the less appealing screens from Apex. From the COTPATD project. A screen form the D-Mod
February 9th, 2019
Score : 3.5 tolerable
Well, I didn't get too much from the story, I guess there's a vilain who casted an infertility spell on the kingdom and you have to get some golden eggs for a duck. Some of the mapping is nice, but most of it is ugly. It's also a buggy D-Mod. When the character who's supposed to give you the mission and a fireball spell freezes it's not a good sign. There are some graphics taken from other D-Mods, some originals and some modified. Most of them don't really fit in Dink. Apart from the bugs and bad mapping my problem is that this D-Mod was really boring for me. Maybe it's just me, feel free to do your own review. Oh also, if you can't find the yellow key you can enter the church expoliting a hardness error. Maybe the key isn't around or it's just me who haven't found it. Honestly this D-Mod has so many issues I can't recomment it to anyone, unless you absolutely want to play every D-Mod in existance.