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All that Glitters!

Skurn's plan to infect Dink Smallwood with ponies proceeded as planned.
This adventure takes place a few years after his first. Dink is a hero, but is often not quite taken as seriously as he would like.

As our story opens, Dink has found a great opportunity to make some serious cash and then retire young. And there should not be any kinds of annoying side quests! All he must do is follow a treasure map. What could be easier? But, as usual things do not go quite as planned.
Released:February 26th, 2021
File Size:43.71 MB
Release Notes:Many fixes and updates were made, in addition to several textual fixes.

See version.txt for details.
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April 3rd, 2021
Score : 7.2 good
Peasant He/Him Hungary bloop
The nation above all 
The D-Mod starts with Dink talking in a bar to an adventurer called Tal. He tells Dink about a land where he can find amazing treasures, and sells him a map. Dink decides to go to the land of Amazin in search of the riches. Does he succeed? Is it easy money or a fool's errand? You'll find out if you play the rest.
The storyline is decent - nothing exeptional, but compared to the previous versions it improved a lot.
Throught the D-Mod you will have to make certain choices. I would recommend you to pay attention to the dialouge, because it will give you hints about the right choices. Not that if you make the wrong ones, you might have to restart the D-Mods.
There are some unique mechanics in this D-Mod. Like poision (I've seen this only in older D-Mods), and a time mechanic (If Ducks Ruled the World comes as the closest thing where I've seen a similar mechanic). They definitely help the variety of the D-Mod.
The mapping is just like in any standard D-Mod. There are some new graphics, some taken from the internet (not always blends with Dink well), and other D-Mods (I like to see authors use new graphics).
The difficulty is a bit more balanced then in previous versions. And it's much easier to get a map to a certain area.
Because of the new mechanics, I would not recommend this D-Mod for beginners. But if you make the right choices, the difficulty should be easy.
This D-Mod is mostly fun, but not an "essencial" to play.
I would recommend this D-Mod for people who want to play something new, or just play something different than the usual Dink formula.
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