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Agatha Smallwood's Will

A murderer in a peaceful town, and who can be next! Smile Dink, you're in the presence of gods! The Shovel in action :]
September 12th, 2010
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant He/Him United States
Theres a party in my tummy! 
This game was brilliant. A very fun game to play. I don't like games that are centered all around fighting. A true game, is one that is more revolved around the story line. This game is fit for everyone, and I think everyone will enjoy this game.

Storyline: I like how it is based on Agatha Christie, however, I would like a little more creativity then just 'Dink is a drunk, whose whole life revolves around food and alcohol'. There is a LOT of d-mods with this type of story, and I was a bit disappointed with this.


Graphics: There is a few new graphics in this game, like the shovel and the chickens, and while I thought the chickens were a nice touch, the shovel got annoying at times.


Sound and Music: I really liked the new sounds. I thought this added made it a bit more realistic, and every bit helps. I, however, didn't hear any new music. But I kept my speakers off most of the time.


Gameplay: I really enjoyed the gameplay, like I said above, I don't like games that are centered around fighting. I really don't think fighting is that important in games. I liked how you could do favors for the gods, and the last part. (where you have to steal the map back)


Overall Score: 9.0