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Adventures of Dink Smallwood Part 2: The Song of an Ancient Wind

Dink fights some ghosts. From the COTPATD project. Inside the mayor's house.
July 26th, 2007
Score : 4.0 tolerable
Peasant Male
Well I normally don't write reviews but when I saw that this one had a higher rating than say Stone of Balance, I decided to check it out. With a rating of 9.8 (at the time of reviewing) I thought that this would have to be an exceptional d-mod, but sadly it was a let down...

Storyline - 4.0
The story goes like this, Dink decides to go for a walk, and after crossing a bridge he decides to turn back. Only as you walk two screens backward the bridge you just crossed less than a minute ago is on fire... so you are stuck, apparently 2000 miles away from home according to the local mayor.

So you do a few random things like talk to a goblin and fetch some meat to trade for her knife or just kill her, and then you have to talk to the mayor and get a house (why?) and then go find a duck... that is about it quest wise...

Afterwards you go to a village that is closed and wonder why the gate is closed, go talk to a lady and she tells you that it got attacked by ghosts, this is the beginning of the main story and the game is 3/4 over. Not a very strong and entertaining story...

Mapping and Graphics - 5.0

Just normal tiles and two villages. The only new graphics are the two ghosts which are a bit lackluster...

Gameplay - 4.0
Do one quest, git a house, and if you want get a knife. After that hack n' slash through screen after screen of ghosts. With screen locks mind you. This is also takes place in one cave the rest of the way. I counted on one single screen 18+ ghosts. Considering the only bonuses in the cave are a golden heart, and a blue potion you are pretty much dead unless you only get hit once every five or so screens, which is all but inpossible with 18+ ghosts... jeez. Also the only savebot is more than halfway through the cave, and it is in a little passageway filled with ghosts, with a screen lock!!

Then after all that you have to dodge ghosts, and then most likily your game freezes and you have to shut off your computer because unless you dash back and forth across the screen your game will freeze. Positive. The author most likily knows this also because it happened every time I tried it, and no warning was given.

Style - 2.0
Basic hack n' slash with a couple quests thrown in...

-The noted ghost problem that happens everytime you don't move enough at a certain part will freeze the game and lock up your computer.
-When new music starts the game freezes for a few seconds.
-Dancing staircases that move back and forth.

Overall -
Unless you like hack n' slash I really wouldn't recommended it... shouldn't have the 9.8 rating it got...

A Solid - 4.0