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2005-06-19 11:28:11
Peasant Male Finland
Ok. So I am doing a D-mod. Its name is going to be "Dink the Gladiator". Where do I need those names, you ask? I need names for these purposes:
1)There is going to be 19 gladiators plus Dink, so I need names for gladiators. If you want to be a gladiator, then I am gonna need this information:
A)Monster type(If you won't tell what kind of monster you want to be, then I use one in your icon).
B)All special atributes(Like can breath fire, can use magic ect.)
C)General information about stats(Like Strong, Weak, Fast, Slow ect.)

2)If you want, I can use your name as shopkeepers name, citizens name ect.

Remember, if you let me use your name, you have to accept that I *may* joke about you name or something like that

Lunacre has released 4 files

Adventures of Dink Smallwood Part 2: The Song of an Ancient WindD-Mod, DemoGood 7.4May 21st, 2007
Call to GreatnessD-Mod, RompGood 7.7November 30th, 2006
Adventures of Dink Smallwood Part 1: The Town of RakunaD-Mod, RompGood 7.8January 31st, 2006
Search for MotherD-Mod, RompTolerable 3.4February 23rd, 2005

Lunacre has written 5 reviews

Island of Hell Island of HellNormalFair 5.8December 18th, 2006
When I Found This Game Dink SmallwoodNormalExceptional 9.9August 9th, 2005
Excellent Graphic Pack For Those Who Want To Make a D-Mod with an Evil Dink Dark DinkNormalExceptional 9.0April 23rd, 2005
Well Lets See Goblin CastleNormalHorrible 0.1February 11th, 2005
This is Really Good D-Mod Prophecy of the AncientsNormalExceptional 9.5February 20th, 2004