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Adventures of Dink Smallwood Part 2: The Song of an Ancient Wind

Dink fights some ghosts. From the COTPATD project. Inside the mayor's house.
January 26th, 2019
Score : 6.3 fair
Peasant Male bloop
I returned to the darkness. 
The story is okay, the mapping is nice. It features new graphics like a dagger (that was nice) and ghosts (they were okay). I wanted to love this D-Mod, but the balance threw me off. The intro is actually pretty nice, and there are a few quests you can do. But about halfway through the game you will meet a boss called the Spirit King. The problem is, the boss is faster than you are and you'll end up dying at the level you are right now. But the main problem is, there's no easy way to get healed, abd absolutely no way to save the game right before the fight. You have to get past a tedious sequence between the nearest save point and the boss. Than maybe you should grind more to defeat the boss? No, the only enemies you can gring on are pillbugs (5 xp) and ghosts(5-10 xp, but they don't drop any healing items). Grinding through these would be tedious. I had to cheat to beat him. And the next boss fight is too easy. You can just use the summoned goblins to your advantage to start hurting the boss, and with fireball magic now avaliable you can easily take him out from the distance. I would not recommend this D-Mod unless you are interested in the dagger as a weapon or just want to experience how the story of the first D-Mod continoues. Be aware however that it will not give a conclusion, it ends on a cliffhanger.