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Peasant Male
I am a 62 year old senior, who enjoys dink very much. I have created my first dmod on a old pent1 64 of ram memory, 3 megabyte hard drive
100 mhz. slow 56k modem because of connection
geting only 2400 cps or less with verizon dialup. hehehee
Hope to upgrade soon.
I have created a large d-mod called bishop's
quest or bquest for short. I think it is as good
as eternity by tyris our russian friend.
Well looking for beta testers. for this demo
I am releasing. been working on it since Feb. 2003. I am in lakeland, Fl. Not that great with scripting, but have used all the tuts. and have done the scripting by trial and error.
after making this large quest, I decided I wanted to make it a demo first. to get a positive review. then complete it or updated it first of 2004. So If you have the time to help as a beta tester I would deeply appreciate it.
I have put more interest in the story line.
then in battle. Which I think is a of interest.
This will be more or less rated G for everyone.
It is not a religious jont, but a good moral
story. Not that I am against PG or R rated stuff. Enough Said. Thanks Hance

Private Message

2003-07-19 11:51:48
Peasant Male
Well I have set back and watched the re-action.
It has been amusing. But I am a dead serious Guy. First of All, If I would have known that we had as many outspoken tiny boopers, and inmature br*t kids out there, I would have never posted this.

Now for ThinkDink. Your Private Messages to Me
Were Encouraging that you wanted to be My Beta Tester.. But to find out that you are just 12 years old. You just don't put your trust into a youngster that inmature who asks stupid questions, and wants to steal Ideas. Such a silly little Boy.

Now For Illvsivefing, Same that goes for You.
Go ahead a threaten and Old man, who just likes to play the most Ultimate Role Playing Game In the World. And Found Out how Fun it is to create Your Own. Now for You Two Young Men. Lets move your age up to say 22 or older. You have been working on a Dmod 24-7 for six months. All most Complete. Would you put your destiny into the Hands of two preteens. that act as silly and inmature as both of you. Grow Up. I don't think You would say that to another elder in your Family sauch as a Father or Grandfather. Or maybe you are both Bast**ds
I don't Know. That is only When this Dmod Comes Out, It is gonna be the talk of the Network. and will Blow You Away.

Now the Secret is Out. Sabretooth and I have made an agreement to be my Beta Tester. So when ever this fine young man gets done with His Play Time. We will get busy.

Also Binirit, one of the most Respected Authors and reviewers on this Board, Has ask Me also. and I will accept His willingness to Help.

So you see there young Man, Not all hope is lost for this Old Man Yet, Just because of a couple of inmature young Men, that want to get into the professional Arena. I think Both of You Owe Me an Apology.
There will be Respect for Serious dinkers Here.
Redink1 will have a copy of this.
Now For you real serious minded Dinkers out there. How about some help to defend this old timer from the young wolfe Gang.

Get off the Plate and Step Up. Otherwise this has been a wasted half of this year, to fall into the hands of Such as these.

If you know what I know over the last 62 almost 63 years, You would be filled with Wisdom, RESECT, and probally a Billion Aire.

But to innocently come on here looking off sincere help and to bashed by to possible closet queens is just to much for Me.

Maybe I should just go to bed and not wake up tommorrow. and then it would be over.

Then I guess you would be Happy .

Enough is Enough.

Sincerely submitted not to do harm to instruct with loving kindness.

Matt Tetreault alias Hero, Hance, Delrevo
Almost 63 and Proud of it.

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ApexD-Mod, RompFair 5.3February 23rd, 2005
Bishop's Quest Part 1: Enter The HeroD-Mod, QuestFair 6.1September 25th, 2003

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