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I am a 62 year old senior, who enjoys dink very much. I have created my first dmod on a old pent1 64 of ram memory, 3 megabyte hard drive
100 mhz. slow 56k modem because of connection
geting only 2400 cps or less with verizon dialup. hehehee
Hope to upgrade soon.
I have created a large d-mod called bishop's
quest or bquest for short. I think it is as good
as eternity by tyris our russian friend.
Well looking for beta testers. for this demo
I am releasing. been working on it since Feb. 2003. I am in lakeland, Fl. Not that great with scripting, but have used all the tuts. and have done the scripting by trial and error.
after making this large quest, I decided I wanted to make it a demo first. to get a positive review. then complete it or updated it first of 2004. So If you have the time to help as a beta tester I would deeply appreciate it.
I have put more interest in the story line.
then in battle. Which I think is a of interest.
This will be more or less rated G for everyone.
It is not a religious jont, but a good moral
story. Not that I am against PG or R rated stuff. Enough Said. Thanks Hance

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2004-06-14 14:21:32
Peasant Male
Hi gang, This is an interesting thread.
I have been working on my second quest.
I have had a lot of trouble with crashes and upgrade of puter, but I am pleased so far with its success. Now for this D-mod, I wanted to correct the mistakes, I made in Bishop's Quest.
So this is a entirely new dmod.
Now for my method of working on dmods.
I first pay attention to a rightful Name for the Dmod. Picking a name that sounds good and
goes with dink is challenging.
I then create the opening title, and plant an
emtry stamp (green grass). so I have a vocal
point. Then I develope an outline the story line for each scene. Since I am not a good scripter, and grammar is not the best. I use
a lot of pre-existing scripts and adopt them
for my use. Not understanding dinkc to its fulness, these adaptions are hard to implement.
So I study them for hours and retry them till, it fits the purpose of this screne. I then pretty-up the screens, adding what I can.
But since I do'nt like the the dink hardness, I still use the old one. (The new one would change things to were I could not change back.
Also I am a true original Dink-Editor person, and do not like Windinkedit at all.
I try to follow this procede thru the entire
parts of the Dmod. I am hoping to finish this before the end of the year.
Thanks Guys. Love this group

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ApexD-Mod, RompFair 5.6February 23rd, 2005
Bishop's Quest Part 1: Enter The HeroD-Mod, QuestFair 6.1September 25th, 2003

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