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As Good As Eternity

Massive amounts of gore and ducks
July 19th, 2003
Final+ (Rev 8)
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant Male
Being a newbie to Dink and their Dmods I found that Agea Eternity just
blow me away. It showed that anything is just about possible in
creation. Myself, personally do not like a whole lot of fighting.
It took a bit of work to get by the stepmother butI did accomphish it.
The story line is very compulsive. I like the idea of twist, turns,
and unexpected events. I never did get to find the guy to buy the Meat.
Major, I think His name was. There is a lot of exploring, walking, and
talking. I agree with most other reviewers, that when going into each
house their was someone new to talk too. I took a lot of notes, as I
went along the path to find the pages. I was glad to find the Warps
in the Gnome Village. Had a heck of a time to find the Lantern.
But eventually did. Never was able to kill the dragon. But I was
awarded as a Hero anyways for clearing out the Monsters.
I especially Like the graphics. Peaceful and relaxing. I think I used
most of the save lines in this game. It is addictive.
The ending and temple sequences where outstanding.
I have nothing to say to the negitive. I found it an inspirational
tool, and completed the motivation in Me to Begin My Creative Mode.
Tyris, Thank you for That. I want to Thank Tyrsis for the Many Ideas,
some graphics, and scripts that are I used to help Me complete My
First Dmod Demo of Bishop Quest.

Look for Bishop Quest coming Out in Late August.