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Dink.ini Rewrite

January 31st, 2005
Score : 6.7 fair
Peasant Male
Well I tried this rewrite. This is what I thought.

Good: I found that it does look good with the organized structure.
spacing was good, and concept was one of the better ones out there.

Bad: The unused numbers are all not true. By the time I got various parts
for story, graphics, tiles and sound placed in the dmod. It took about 1 hour before I could get just one graphic to show up right.
some numbers from the unused section did not work, mostly most of them.
I made 4 screens, then started to add in the 850+ section. I got only
three placements. Then it was impossible to add others.
Total time spent was 8 hours to make it work. Finally I just dropped it.
Since then I have deleted the work.

Good try Draconic Dink though, and got a B for effort on this one.
Maybe you can look into it more and refine it. I will try it again.
Note for the future of this project. Please include all the files needed
to start right out with the project; simular to the skelton B. Some of those other files need some touch up also.

respectfully submitted

hance (Matt)