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Download of the Year Awards 2009 Results

Sorry for the delay, but here they are: the results for the DOTY 2009. Click on comments to check them out!

With a total of 17 counted votes, the Dink Network has decided which D-Mod and which non D-Mod file are the best of the year 2009.

*drum roll*

Non D-Mod files

4th place
List of Available Sequences for Dink.ini (0 votes, 0% of votes)
Site For Me (0 votes, 0% of votes)
Chests and Breakables (0 votes, 0% of votes)

3rd place
Dink Wallpaper 3 (1 vote, 5.9% of votes)

2nd place
Chickens! (6 votes, 35.3% of votes)

1st place
An introduction to DMOD making (10 votes, 58.8% of votes)


6th place
Dink and the Bonca (0 votes, 0% of votes)

4th place
Infinidink (1 vote, 6.2% of votes)
The Savebot Massacre (1 vote, 6.2% of votes)

3rd place
The Quest for Not Quite as Lame (3 votes, 18.8% of votes)

2nd place
Chores (4 votes, 25% of votes)

1st place
Day of the Carcass (7 votes, 43.8% of votes)

Congratulations to Metatarasal for winning the non D-Mod DOTY! With this he won the DinkC Reference Book.

Also congratulations to Erwin for winning the D-Mod DOTY! With this he won the Dead Dragon Carcass Wall Clock.

Also want to win a cool prize? Then make a kick ass D-Mod or file! Thanks for voting everybody.