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New Dev File: PNGtions

February 18th, 10:50 AM
King He/Him United States bloop
A mother ducking wizard 
The only bread product in the land to survive since before the invention of the word 'the', yeoldetoast has released some of the prettiest potions you'll ever see in Dink Smallwood: PNGtions.

Even though DinkHD has supported the colorful png file format for almost 6 years, I don't believe many D-Mods or authors have tried to incorporate it yet. But this is a perfect example of where it can make things look pretty darn nice.

I bet you aren't even reading these words. You're just so captivated by the animation to your right. I can write anything I want here. I thought this would give me more freedom, but in reality I always just write what I want. Hmm. Well, I guess I'll just stare at that animation a bit more and finish up this post.

February 18th, 11:59 AM
Peasant He/Him Romania
C# nerd 
February 18th, 06:38 PM
Peasant He/Him Equatorial Guinea duck bloop
can't flim flam the glim glam 
so it took 6 years for a dmod editor to support pngs so we can actually more feasibly take advantage of the hd feature. wowie, lads

now, we just need every graphic redone in this true hd remaster style and dink mega hd is finally here.
February 19th, 04:31 AM
Peasant They/Them Australia
There's an HD feature? I started on this a while before WDED was out, and did most of it in yedink by adding the features such as box and dot as I went along. Before that, for the top row of drop-in equivalents, I was placing the existing BMP variants and then moving the PNGs into the proper path and then hoping they'd look right in the engine after launching. Nothing was stopping anyone else from doing the same thing

There will be an update for this at some point that includes the Max file for the megapotion along with its corresponding shadow.
February 21st, 09:07 AM
Peasant He/Him Norway
Back from the ashes 
Skurn likes to complain that others take a long time doing something while not having contributed anything towards the goal at all himself...
February 22nd, 11:59 AM
Peasant He/Him Equatorial Guinea duck bloop
can't flim flam the glim glam 
have you not seen a dmod?