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Why don't you people like me?

December 23rd 2019, 01:32 AM
Peasant Male
(Tag Line) How long is this line. 
I'm asking a serious question here about why don't you people like me.
No matter what I do you people still strongly dislike me for some reason.
What is it?
December 23rd 2019, 02:01 AM
Peasant Male Equatorial Guinea xbox steam duck bloop
can't flim flam the glim glam 
i mean, you haven't even been posting in a while so i dunno what youre talking about. honestly, i don't think anyone really dislikes you. kinda made a reputation here, otherwise that postcard wouldnt have happened. john cena rulezorz

well, at first you were probably pretty despised. but this community gets over things in 4 seconds.
December 23rd 2019, 04:12 AM
Peasant Male Romania steam bloop
I like Frutti Fresh 
You seem like a cool guy but...
December 23rd 2019, 04:22 AM
Peasant Male United States
We put our faith in Blast Hardcheese 
Welcome back Predisher, we'd love to have you at the Dink Discord.
December 23rd 2019, 09:23 AM
Peasant Male United States bloop
2nd generation. No easy way to be free. 
I must say that I do not know you, except in part by your occasional dmod reviews. But I say, "Welcome Back!". The way I see it, the more (here at the DN), the merrier.

December 24th 2019, 11:29 AM
Peasant Male bloop
I returned to the darkness. 
Well, some of your opinions are... controversial. But to be honest, I don't think the people who are currently active dislike you. Some of them just don't care, others don't even know you.
December 28th 2019, 03:58 AM
Peasant Australia steam 
I've never liked how you censor words like F##K. It just feels weird to me.
February 2nd, 11:03 AM
Peasant Male Pakistan
Swimming through sick lullabies. 
It's been a full decade of this. I don't think anyone dislikes you now.