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From the COTPATD project.
March 23rd, 2013
Score : 9.0 exceptional
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This game is a whole lotta fun.

It's basically an endless dungeon with progressively stronger enemies. There's a difficulty option for easy or hard, but that seems rather pointless to me. It's going to get extremely challenging no matter what you pick.

There's also this nifty little pig that lets you choose one of three paths: Weapons Specialist(WS), Jack of All Trades(JoaT), and Master of Magic(MoM).
The pig then asks for you favorite color out of these four: Red, Orange, Green, and Blue.

The color will give a bonus to a certain stat. However only the JoaT's can choose out of every color. MoM can do red, blue, and green. WS can only do red and blue.

Red: Strength
Orange: Health
Blue: Defense
Green: Magic

There are tons or new spells in this mod.

Two healing spells
One shield spell
One spell confuses the enemy
One speed boost spell
One spell shoots a lightning bolt down
And there's one three-way fireball spell.

There's also a flaming fist.

No matter what path you choose, there's places in the dungeon where you can get more advanced weapons. They're very useful.

There's a new status bar. It looks pretty nice, however I found trying to read the stats very challenging.

It's a bad idea to kill ducks in this game. Every time you behead one, they get bigger and stronger. They don't chase you down, but the touch damage can get strong enough to one hit kill you. That was a pretty cool extra.

There are some nice midi files and excellent waves used. The map was fairly nice too.

This is a great game to cure boredom.