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I'm an independent contract programmer who's a big fan of Seth's work, starting with L.O.R.D. More than you'll ever want to know about me can be found on my web site.

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2006-03-02 10:24:37
Peasant Male
Dear Log,

Sweetpea build 0010 is available. Changes include:

1) fixed the fence hardness bug on the savebot screen

2) remove hardness from all grasses (although the vegetables retain their hardness)

3) removed hardness from Farmer Dan

4) used more screenmatching so that the hedge on the savebot screen appears along the east edge of the "pillbug nest"

5) added some signs to identify the houses

6) removed a few unused WAV files that reduced the size of the download from 4MB to 350KB

Later today, I'd like to replace the theme music with something less sucky. I may or may not get to put in a side quest.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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