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Peasant Male United States
Time for some Rome Total War and Piss Warm 7up 
Interest: History, video making, gameing, weight lifting, AVGN, Woman, Tacos, Tp'ing, egging, and ketchuping houses

People I hate: Preps, emos, gangsters, wiggers, Osama bin Ladin and the Irate Gamer

Favorite Games: Rome Total War, Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne, Diablo 2, Left 4 Dead, Dead Riseing, Medieval Total War 2, Dink Smallwood

Physical traits: Jet black hair, semi-tan skin, almost black eyes, ( super dark brown ) 6 feet, 200 pounds, 16 years old

Occupation: Lawn Boy

Political views: Conservative, but not radical and very open minded

About me right now: Looking for a girlfriend ( I plan to work out like crazy over the summer, get up to benching 200 pounds (im at about 120 right now) then ask out a freshman when I go back to school (ima gonna be a sophmore)

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2009-06-11 15:39:36
Peasant Male United States
Time for some Rome Total War and Piss Warm 7up 
Nerves of Steel


Steve Brown: Steve is your average low income steel worker. He enjoys hangin with the guys, football and pumping iron. Age 38, height 6' 2'', athletic build and a few tatoos.

Tim Smith: Tim is just another lower class worker at the steel mill. He enjoys down time, cheap beer and constant complaning about his wife. Age 36, height 5' 7'', medium build and a funny moustache.

Jack Steinman: Jack is one rank above grunt in the steel plant, so he get a hard time from the guys because he makes thirteen dollers and hour instead of the average ten. He is also slightly smarter than the rest of the characters. Age 34, height 5' 10'', medium build and well groomed.

O'l Bob Miller: Bob is the slightly oldrer veteran of the gang. He fought in Vietnam and hates those dang commies. Age 52, height 6' 0'', muscular build and a tatoo of a blad eagle on his arm.

Setting: Mr.Metal Steel Plant

Mr.Metal Steel Plant is a factory the makes low grade steel for Polish cars. Its a small place and resides in and old industrial building. After a hard day of work the guys (Steve, Tim, Jack and Bob) drink cheap beer in the basement of the factory

The basement: The basement contains a table, four chairs, a small TV and a deck of playing cards. The guys often spend up to three hours there after work.


All of a sudden for no reason there is a massive outbreak of the new zombie diesese.Yet only people of low income have immunity to this diesese. While the majority of America is turning into zombies, the guys just sit in the basement of Mr.Metal Steel plant and play cards.

Steve: Eeeeegggghhhh, this is the life. No bills, no wife and no worries.

Tim: Go fish.

Jack: (picks up card)

Bob: In communist countries you cant even eat the fish you catch, you have to share it with some low income slob!

Steve: I dont like fish.

Bob: In North Korea they would kill you if you didn't eat the fish.

Jack: Well I dont know about that...

Tim: Oh, got somethin inteligent to say Mr. I make three dollers an hour more than my friends? Geez, you complain more than my wife!

Jack: .......

TV: This just in, all of Americas rich people are turning into zombies!

Steve: Is it April fools day already?

Tim: Guys watch out for Jack, he might flip!

Jack: At least I can read the lable on my beer!

Bob: Either the news anchor is playin a joke, or commies have attacked America with this new diesese.

Tim: It's not my fault...

Steve: Shutup and listen to the TV!

TV: All of you that are still normal need to realize the only cure for this dieses are the hearts of poor people.

Jack: This can't be happening!

TV: What was that!

Tim: huh......


Steve: Come on get to the sports already!

TV: (cut out to a soap commercial)

Bob: I need to save my wife!

Everyone: ......NAH!

Jack: We need to baricade ourselvs in, we're going to need food, water, weapons, building supplies....(go on and on)

Tim: Beer...

Steve: ESPN...


Jack: Listen Tim, you're in charge of getting the food. Just go the the grocery store across the streer.

Tim: Ok but I don't think they will have an caviar for you...

Jack: Listen I only make 3 dollors and an hour more than you!

Tim: Just don't eat my heart Mr.Moneybags!

Jack: ugh. Steve, you can go outside and use the well for water, just use some of those empty plastic barrels up stairs.

Steve: Right

Jack: Bob, I know you have weapons at your house.

Bob: Aw you bet I do!! Sergant Bob Miller reporting for duty sir!

Jack:Im going to scout around her for building supplies and anything else usefull.

Jack: Zombies could be everywhere, I just hope you all have NERVES OF STEEL!!

Everyone: LETS DO THIS!

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