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Honor of the Cast: Slimes

Dink finds an invisible wall. From the COTPATD project.
Honor of the Cast: Slimes is part of HOCs... The first part. You should play it before those others come. When you download it, packages name is "HOC"

Thanks to everyone who has helped on this!

Dink has gone out to buy a house. It seems that Charlie owns all the houses in the land. Dink will go find the Charlie. This whole thing turns upside when Dink meets Cast soldiers. Again doing bad things. Now he knows that Cast has captured Charlie. For what, Dink don't know. He only knows that he must rescue Charlie.
Released:March 31st, 2007
File Size:165.20 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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April 3rd, 2007
Score : 1.2 horrible
Bard He/Him Netherlands
I object 
This DMOD is bad, even for a beginner. I always use to say that you shouldn't release your very first DMOD, this is a fine example of what I mean. First of all this DMOD is way to short, probably the shortest DMOD I've ever played, it can easily be finished in about 30 seconds. And that is weird, since it actually has quite a large map. In fact the DMOD only uses 10 screens, which is only like 10% of the map.

Furthermore the map is pretty dull as well, it's just one straight stretch of screens filled with slimes. And that's about it, no decoration just slimes. And it has some invisible hardness spread out over the screen, which is kinda annoying.

The scripts are even worse, the only thing actually scripted is the intro, and it has a problem too... And that is that nobody actually talks (besides Dink), the text is just given at the bottom of the screen, like: "Cast soldier: Shut up, Charlie!!" This makes it not only hard to follow but also takes away much of the atmosphere.

In terms of gameplay there are only two things to do, that is watching the intro and fighting slimes. Fighting slimes isn't even necessary either since no screenlocks have been used, you can just walk over to the last screen which contains a 'to be continued' sign.

To wrap it up: This DMOD feels very unfinished, like someone decided to do a map and tried to create a little intro for it in the last 5 minutes. It takes longer to download and install then to play it, which is bad. Therefore it is not worth your download.