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Honor of the Cast: Slimes

Dink finds an invisible wall. From the COTPATD project.
April 3rd, 2007
Score : 1.2 horrible
Bard Male Netherlands
I object 
This DMOD is bad, even for a beginner. I always use to say that you shouldn't release your very first DMOD, this is a fine example of what I mean. First of all this DMOD is way to short, probably the shortest DMOD I've ever played, it can easily be finished in about 30 seconds. And that is weird, since it actually has quite a large map. In fact the DMOD only uses 10 screens, which is only like 10% of the map.

Furthermore the map is pretty dull as well, it's just one straight stretch of screens filled with slimes. And that's about it, no decoration just slimes. And it has some invisible hardness spread out over the screen, which is kinda annoying.

The scripts are even worse, the only thing actually scripted is the intro, and it has a problem too... And that is that nobody actually talks (besides Dink), the text is just given at the bottom of the screen, like: "Cast soldier: Shut up, Charlie!!" This makes it not only hard to follow but also takes away much of the atmosphere.

In terms of gameplay there are only two things to do, that is watching the intro and fighting slimes. Fighting slimes isn't even necessary either since no screenlocks have been used, you can just walk over to the last screen which contains a 'to be continued' sign.

To wrap it up: This DMOD feels very unfinished, like someone decided to do a map and tried to create a little intro for it in the last 5 minutes. It takes longer to download and install then to play it, which is bad. Therefore it is not worth your download.
December 28th, 2007
Score : 3.5 tolerable
Peasant Male United States
Time for some Rome Total War and Piss Warm 7up 
Well this dmod suck, but not like metatarsel put it

Good: I thought the intro was cool, really
I mean it! It was really smart to have the people tied to poles, that was a great idea.

Bad: There wwere random hard spots and borders
where you couldnt walk. But worst of all the whole game was focused on slime, which some of them didn't even work!! Also the talking wasn't very good

Advice: Hey man, I say redo it! That dosnt mean add 10 screens, but why dont you just fix up the text, fix the borders and slimes and add a couple of screens. Also add screen lock and give Dink a sword or something, that would do wonders!!

But sry, It wasn't just that good. For now at least =) 3.5 for the cool cutscence!