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December 22nd 2023, 08:51 AM
Peasant They/Them Australia
>Problem is, who'd make it?

The "someone else will do it" attitude everyone seems to adhere to in such threads means nothing will ever materialise, and wouldn't be feasible anyway. In the case of making something Dink-related in a full-featured engine such as Godot, Unreal, Unity, Love2D, Novashell, GameMaker or whatever else, the people who are going to attempt to expand upon that resulting output are going to have to already know how the engine of choice works underneath. In a sense, there is no possibility that someone can make something like people are assuming apart from maybe an importer for Dink's various data formats along with some basic boilerplate stuff for handling input, movement, and maybe text/dialogue. Nobody's going to drag themselves through hell and write a DinkC to GDScript parser! On top of that, everyone would likely have some differing opinion on things such as screen-stretching and camera management which would further necessitate anything being relatively bare-bones rather than a Windemere 2.0-style design by committee horror.

Anyone who's truly interested in some sort of "Dink in Godot" system should complete the "Dodge the Creeps" tutorial themselves while properly understanding the node and scene system, and then attempting to replace the player graphics with Dink and the enemies with slimes or whatever, and then building upon it from there to ascertain if Godot is even suitable in the first place. Licensing would be an afterthought unless you went around pretending to be Seth and claiming RTSoft endorsement or something like that, as the BMP graphics are available under a permissive license.